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Becoming an Air Traffic Controller
If you're looking to become an Air Traffic Controller with the virtual Havana FIR, then you have landed at the right place. This is a very straightforward process. How far you can get and how quickly will depend on the effort and interest you put in. Follow the links below to learn more.

Before you apply

In order to apply as a Home Controller a member should be assigned to the North America region (VATNA) - Caribbean division (VATCAR). You can check your current Region/Division by entering your VATSIM CID here. If you need to change regions or divisions you can request so visiting the VATSIM Member Service page.

Controllers who belong to a region-division other than North America-Caribbean are considered Visitors Controllers and will ONLY be accepted if holding a rating of S1 or higher. They should also be recommended by the FIR’s Training Administrator (TA) after checking the applicant’s proficiency.

Terms and conditions
If you are eligible and have decided to go ahead with your application, then you should stop and carefully read the documents listed below before proceeding. All new and returning members are required to agree, in writing, to the terms and conditions of:

Note that at the time of submitting your application you will also be advised that by submitting it you certify you have read the VATSIM Code of Regulations (CoR), User Agreement (UA) and Code of Conduct (CoC), and that you agree to their Terms and Conditions.

Even though the Spanish is the official language in Havana FIR and a desirable asset in a member, English only speaking individuals are accepted and welcome. Furthermore, Controllers must be able to provide the service in English.

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