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(Last updated: 25-Feb-2021)
Air Traffic Manager (ATM) - Miguel Armas Cayarga
  • Reports to the VATCAR Director
  • Responsible for all operations of the FIR
  • Responsible for appointing staff members
  • Represents the FIR in Division meetings
  • Ensures compliance with VATSIM and VATCAR policies
Deputy Air Traffic Manager (DATM) - VACANT
  • Reports to the Air Traffic Manager
  • Acts as ATM in his absence
  • Responsible for administration of Controllers
  • Responsible for other tasks that may be assigned by the ATM
Training Administrator (TA) - Miguel Armas Cardona
  • Reports to the Air Traffic Manager
  • Responsible for the development and execution of the training program
  • Processes applications for new trainees and administers examinations
  • Ensures that ATC comply with Standard Operating Procedures
  • Performs competency checks and retrainining to maximize ATC quality
Events Coordinator (EC) - VACANT
  • Assists the ATM to develop the Event Program
  • Responsible for promotion of FIR sponsored events
  • Responsible for coordinating ATC requirements for Group Flight and VA events
  • Acts as liason between the FIR and any virtual airlines
  • Receives and processes applications from Virtual Airlines
Webmaster - VACANT
  • Develops and maintains our website
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